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Mission:   Sense With Cents is built upon the belief that despite the many systematic issues in our society, we can all still win with money, and that addressing individual’s mindset and emotional relationship with money is every bit as key to success as is building financial knowledge.  My holistic approach to personal finance is intended to create an overall sense of financial wellbeing while helping individuals on the path to financial independence. 

Coaching:  Individual personal finance coaching packages are available in addition to small group instruction.

Small Group Instruction: I want to share with you the strategies I have learned that allow me to create a financial life I love using Law of Attraction.  So, I am currently offering a coaching program that will merge traditional personal finance with Law of Attraction content.   Coaching programs consist of small groups of 4-6 individuals (or couples).

Learn the strategies that will allow you to create a financial life you love using Law of Attraction, and discuss your own progress in harnessing the power of positive thought and emotion in the journey toward financial independence.


  • Transform your relationship with money.
  • Harness the power of your emotions.
  • Understand the connection between emotion and financial behaviors.
  • Increase financial confidence, and lessen financial anxieties.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Overcome past financial traumas.
  • Design a financial life you love.
  • Eliminate Debt.
  • Build/Repair Credit.
  • Increase Savings.
  • Gain the ability to create and execute a financial plan.
  • Be prepared to tackle retirement planning.
  • Gain knowledge of the Financial Independence/Financial Independence Retire Early movements (FI/FIRE)
Disclaimer:  All coaching and small group offerings are for educational and motivational purposes and do not constitute financial advice.  Our intention is to teach our audience about financial strategies and tools so that people will understand how they work.  It is up to each individual to consult their own financial professionals (Certified Financial Planner/Tax Professional/CPA) regarding their own specific situation as it relates to investments, taxes, insurance, or any other financial planning topic.

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