Free Workshops

Supersize Your Retirement!

This free workshop is designed for New York City DOE teachers that want to learn more about retirement savings opportunities that are offered by the city beyond the pension system,  In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • How to utilize the retirement account options through the city.
  • How to maximize retirement savings by using three separate buckets.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Roth versus Traditional accounts.
  • How much you can contribute annually.

Dates and Times

Note:  Click the link associated with the date and time you would like to attend.  You will be redirected to a signup page. You must provide your email address and confirm your email subscription.  This mailing list is how I will send you the zoom link associated with that day's workshop.  Please be sure to check your spam folder on the day of the workshop just in case the link gets filtered there!

I will continue adding more dates and times to this list.  

The Magic of Mindset on Money!

This free workshop is designed for anyone that would like to begin to understand their relationship with money and the manner in which their money story influences their beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes with money.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How your past experiences create a cycle of influence over your results with money.
  • How to challenge limiting beliefs.
  • Whether or not you suffer from scarcity mindset.
  • What you can do to rewrite your money story.
Dates and Times


  1. I missed this hope it will happen again in august

  2. I just find out about you ,do you plan on having any more workshops soon

    1. Hi Nat! I will definitely do more, but likely closer to summer. Have you signed up for my weekly email list? That list as well as this page are good ways to know when they're coming. Also, once on the email list you can easily respond directly to me.