Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Uncuffed: Belief and Abundance

There are moments in life where you glance around you and realize that everything you see in your life has been placed there by your own design.  Everything that is there is a manifestation of your own energetic outputs.  Although, arguably, you may have been co-creating your reality with a little help from someone else. Nonetheless, it was you at work, and everything you see in your surroundings is the physical manifestation of the level of consciousness you were in at the moment of each particular creation.  

What happens if you don't like some of that which you've created?  

It's never a problem.  You can simply go ahead and create again.  It's really no harder than changing the sheets on your bed, and yet the human experience gets so stuck in the mind, choosing to tie each life circumstance to the identity or sense of self which is entirely misguided.  You are your internal self, not the egoic mind which likes to mislead you into thinking it is the essence of who you are and very much in control, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  You are pure, positive energy and capable of manifesting whatever it is you want.  I mean, you have thus far.  Perhaps it's just time to make our choices more deliberately.  The Universal Law of Belief is so simple.  It states that we can have whatsoever we want to long as we can give up the belief that we can't have it.  Doesn't that sound easy?  It is easy, but that should be taken with a warning, as it works equally well with negative beliefs.  If someone spends their energy believing in something that inevitably will not serve them well, they will also attract that into their experience.

We have many dangerous beliefs that serve to separate us from the abundance we seek.  One such example may be the belief in debt.  I've heard it said by many that "debt is simply a way of life."  The very nature of debt is a negative currency.  It creates a moment in time that we were not living in the now, but rather selecting an experience in the now that wasn't in alignment with what we actually had.  So, we brokered a deal to have this slightly misaligned experience rather than wait for it and as a direct result, we saddle ourselves in the present moment with sandbags of the past holding us down.  Ironically, again, we designed this for ourselves.  We sentenced ourselves to continue about lives we don't absolutely love because of obligations we wish we didn't have because of that one misaligned moment in the past.  

Why did that misaligned moment happen anyway?

Again, part of it goes back to a belief in lack.  If we believe that we don't have enough and that we can only have that which we want if we mortgage our future in order to have it, we create a cycle of scarcity and lack.  When the facts are that we have everything we need at our disposal.  There is also a part of the human experience that is craving completeness, and when dissatisfaction comes, the egoic mind sends us spiraling into the physical, grasping at new belongings, vacations, cars, and other things that excite us, giving us a temporary high, a feeling of completeness that can never possibly last because it comes from a place that is temporary.  The journey is harder and longer when you turn toward your inner self and put the time into understanding the emptiness that you are trying to fill.  But only by turning to that inward place can you find true alignment and the peace that comes from realizing the true self.  From that position, there is no amount of "stuff" that will satisfy you more than your own alignment and those moments of spending more than will fall to the wayside, being replaced by a deeper satisfaction in the current moment and sense of self.

There is something incredibly freeing about liberating the self from the constraints of our modern belief in debt, working too much, scarcity, arbitrary societal rules to which we have handcuffed ourselves.  Amazingly, when we unlock our own shackles, we find ourselves unwilling to lock ourselves back up again.  It really does make a lot of sense, doesn't it?  Why choose to live in debt if you can simply clear it away and be released of your chains?  Why choose to work more than makes you happy just so that you can choose to continue maintaining obligations you don't even care about.  By these "obligations," we simply mean not to maintain a life of excess.  More stuff needs more space, more energy, and more of your precious resources of time and money.  You may be working very hard to maintain stuff that you don't really care much about when in all actuality you care much more deeply about your time, relationships, and sense of inner peace.  And yet you filled a void with extra stuff and obligations that have shackled you to working more than the share you care to, and it begs the question: Is the tradeoff worth it?  No one can answer the question except you.  Although, I can tell you from my perspective that any regret I fear having in life relates to the quality I've lived and loved rather than the car I drove, shoes I wore or furnishings in my home.  If I choose to place my priorities in the latter at the expense of my time, I very well might be creating a life of regret.  Thanks, but no thanks.

I suppose I haven't told you to do anything with your money in this post.  Rather, I've asked you to step back and ask yourself what you believe; what you value; what you prioritize; what you long never to regret.  I believe you'll have an inner knowing about this and you'll know what you need to do if only you're willing to turn inside and do the work.

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