Sunday, February 18, 2018

Make Every Dollar Count

Every single minute I spend working for money is a minute I am not doing something else.   I really wanted to say this to you all because that opening line represents the basis of my views on money and personal finance.  It also influences the majority of my financial choices and money moves.

Even if you like what you do for a living, there are probably times you'd like to be doing something else.  Maybe you'd prefer to work part-time, work via remote, or not work at all.  No judgement.  Just honest observations regarding the nature of work.  So, every minute you spend at your 9-5 is a minute you are not spending with your family, reading, meditating, or otherwise doing something else.  We're all losing these minutes of our lives, and it's pretty scary when you put it into those terms.  Some of these minutes are being traded for dollars.  Since I'm not being given more minutes, I had better make the dollars I'm getting count!

Every time I buy something, I think about trading minutes for it.  I almost bought gum the other day, but I stopped.  The truth is that even though gum is pretty cheap, I don't really like gum more than I like my minutes, and I don't actually need the gum.  So, it stayed in the store.

Each time I get a paycheck, I feel a tremendous sense of urgency to make a very smart choice with it, because it represents a lot of my minutes, minutes I'm not actually getting back.  The less debt I have, the less minutes I have to trade someone for dollars each month...AND if I'm really smart with my dollars, I can invest them in a way that will create more dollars without me trading any additional minutes to get them.  So, my goal is to need a very minimal number of dollars on a monthly basis.  My other goal is to use my dollars to create enough of a passive income stream to allow me to stop trading my precious minutes for dollars.

Thank you for going down the philosophical rabbit hole with me today.  If you've ever thought of money in this way,  or it made you consider your own philosophy of money, feel free to leave a comment.

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