Thursday, May 26, 2022

Worthy of Taking the Leap

Our heart's desires are a funny thing. Sometimes they take us in directions we never would have imagined.  You're on a safari, riding along, in your nice, well-equipt Jeep.  Suddenly you realize what you really want is something off in the distance located in a place the road won't go.  So there you are, left with a choice.  Do you remain in the Jeep or do you get out?

Remaining in the Jeep was always your intention. You planned and plotted the adventure, made sure all of the equipment was perfect, and happily plodded along.  You could easily remain in that Jeep and finish the exact journey you set out on at the very beginning.  You would probably be pretty happy with it too.  But would you always wonder what you would have found off in the distance?  

What is it that keeps us from jumping out of the Jeep if that's our true heart's desire?  Why do we second-guess ourselves?  Fear of regret perhaps?  Regret in either direction?  We always seem to fear making a grave mistake.  What if we jump out of the Jeep, wander down that other path, and promptly get eaten by a lion?  On the other hand, if we remain in the Jeep, nice and safe, we may never experience something better.  Maybe riding in the Jeep is a 7.  Don't we deserve a 9 or a 10?  All of this fear is a form of resistance, and that which we resist, we will draw onto ourselves over and over again until we deal with it in one form or another.  When we're experiencing resistance that relates to the fear of regret and the evaluation of things we do and do not believe we deserve, it becomes imperative that we consider the Universal Law of Self Worth which states that you can only attract that which you feel worthy of.  That's a tall order, isn't it?  And one that sort of smacks you in the face if you're honest with yourself because it forces us all to stand back and look at ourselves and ask "Why am I not worthy of that which I truly desire? Why do I believe that these things are only for someone else's?"  We must stare this question directly in the face and deal with it because, quite frankly, it isn't going anywhere otherwise.  I speak to clients all the time about visualizing a happy ending because let's be honest, we have a huge tendency to cast ourselves in mental tragedies.  We really need to start visualizing ourselves actually getting that thing we want, going on that adventure, or making that transition and it all working out well (don't visualize being eaten by the lion)!  After enough practice, eventually, we begin to believe in our vision. Next comes the inspired action.

The inspired action is likely to be the steps that we must take to get there and might include financial considerations.  Oftentimes we restrict ourselves when making major life decisions because we are afraid of the financial ramifications of those decisions.  In all honesty, it's a fair thing to think about because most major life decisions impact our financial wellbeing.  Some of these are things we can prepare for ahead of time.  

We need to ask ourselves "If I am to take this leap, how can I best set myself up to financially do so?" Then be open to the possibilities. You may need to beef up your savings for added security.  Consider how many month's worth of your bills you have saved?  Do you need it to be more for your peace of mind or for the particular situation?  Maybe you need to revisit your budget and trim some of the fat so that you don't require as much income in order to meet your expenses.  Do you need multiple sources of income so that you aren't relying only one?  Maybe you need to pick up a side gig?  If your heart has a desire, most likely there is a pathway to realizing it. You really just need to be open to the actions that will take you there and allow your money to support you in the processes.

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