Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Goals

I am a believer in the Law of Attraction: that like attracts like, not only in a spiritual or deeply philosophical way but also in a highly practical way.  This shows up in a lot of ways like when I am really giving to others, it seems that generosity also finds me.  When I put positivity out into the universe, positivity also finds me.  That being said, I am also someone that likes to take action.  Somehow, I feel the most positive when I come up with a game plan, and start to take steps toward it.

This being said, I am only really interested in taking what I call "inspired actions."  I am not looking to dive really deep into the nature of work or how much effort is too much effort, etc.  However, what I will say is this.  In the past, I have made a lot of New Year's Resolutions because I've felt particularly inspired to achieve certain things:  I really wanted my credit card debt gone a few years ago.  Last year I really felt inspired to get rid of my private student loan debt.  This year there are several things that are of interest to me, but none of them have really struck me with that same intense desire.  In the past, I would have pushed myself to come up with SOMETHING so I wasn't "wasting time."  I'm not going to do that this year.  One thing I know about the Law of Attraction is that me feeling really good is the key.  I need to feel really good first.  Then, inspired action will follow it.  So, I've been thinking:  What makes me feel really good?  I love making deposits into our savings account.  I mean, I seriously love it.  It brings me tremendous amounts of joy.  I also love helping people to become inspired about their own finances, and helping them to make choices they feel really good about.  That brings me an intense amount of joy as well.  Also, every time we make an improvement to our home that makes it more organized and less cluttered, I feel intense happiness.

How does this all translate into inspired action?  I am going to start with these three things that I know bring me joy, and determine what action I can take in order to keep the flow of positive feelings about my money going.  In doing so, I will set goals that are composed of "inspired actions."

So, here are my goals for 2018:

  1. Save Money:  My partner and I will sit down in the next week or so to review our current strategy and determine what we'd like to save each paycheck so as not to let things slide between our fingers.  I will also continue to save all of the money from my side gigs.  So, we haven't determined a dollar amount yet, but we will shortly.
  2. Help Others to Help Themselves:  I love helping others, but I don't want to "make a plan" for someone else, I want to help give them the tools to make a plan that works well for themselves and their goals.  In order to achieve this goal, I am going to take some smaller actions that bring me an intense amount of joy.  I am going to keep learning: attend conferences, read a few books I've been interested in, etc.  I am also going to help relay what I know and learn to others by blogging.  I might also offer professional development to my co-workers (my boss has been requesting one) about a variety of personal finance topics.
  3. De-Clutter:  My partner and I have already been working on this, but the more organized our space gets the better we both feel.  It's amazing how connected these things can be.  The more our home flows, the more inspired we are to make healthy choices for our bodies and our money.  We will likely do another 30 Day Declutter Challenge this summer, and invest in a few organizational pieces over the course of the year.
Are you making any resolutions for 2018?  If so, what are they?  Do they feel like "inspired actions?"  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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